About Us

We are Central Pet & Central Aviary – Certified Breeders, We are in the business for last 38 years. We have multiple locations in the World.

We Love Our Parrots; Our Logo is Never purchase a unwean baby, we SELL only WEANED BABY PARROTS .

We put the health and happiness of our pets first; also we have different species of fish, all the best brands of pet food, a huge selection of pet accessories.

Parrots are our LOVE and our PASSION, our strongest passion is to love our parrots and to breed and raise healthy, happy parrot babies. We treat all our Parrots as our family, our Parrot babies are handled and played daily with their Human family members that’s how they become such an excellent Family Pets. It is such a rewarding time for us in caring for our babies, we cherish them, and we are trying to make sure that our babies will make the most beautiful and loving addition to any new home, we are looking forward to doing it for many more years God willing; it is worth waiting for our Parrot babies.

Our babies they are fed a balanced diet of highest quality pellets, fresh fruit and vegetables. They get lots of hands-on attention and play time and are allowed to nurture naturally. They come with Hatch Certificate; they are close banded with code: CA.