Topic 11 – Choosing an Avian Vet

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Avian Veterinarian or Specialized Exotic Parrot/Bird Doctor- is a Vet who has studied specializing in Avian (parrots/birds) medicine. A bird’s anatomy (the bodily structure of a plant or an animal or any of its parts) is quite different from a cat or dog. So they require special care. Birds are physiologically different from any other creature on the face of the earth. Choosing an avian veterinarian is perhaps the most.

Important decision you’ll ever make regarding the health of your parrot. Veterinarians specializing in avian medicine aren’t as easy to find as your everyday dog-cat operation.

How to find an avian vet- start with yellow pages I think you will find one in there.

Once you find one you need to make an appointment to the vet office. Always take your parrot in a pet carrier, small cage or a card box please.

Some good questions which I asked for the first visit time to a vet office:

1)Are you a member of The Association of Avian Veterinarians AAV they give only the highest quality care and you want no less for your pet?

2)How long have you been treating birds? Choose veterinarians with a solid background in avian medicine to make sure that your pet’s care is in good hands.

3)Are you familiar  with bird’s species? Different types of birds react differently to certain medicine procedures, so your vet needs to be knowledgeable about specific treatments that will work for your bird.

4)What are the costs of your services? Veterinary expenses can be costly, particularly for exotic animals. Ask your vet for a copy of his fee schedule so you will know what you can expect in the event of an emergency.

5)How often do you recommend check-ups? Most veterinarians will recommend at least one examination per year, just to make sure that your bird stays in good general health.

6)Do you offer an after-hours or emergency care service? Accidents can happen any time of the day or night. In the event that one happens to your bird. And you need to have an emergency plan to get him to the vet as quickly as possible.

7)Do you make house calls? Birds easily get stressed when travelling, so if your bird is very sick it may be necessary for the doctor to come to you.

A good avian veterinarian will provide clear answers to all of these questions. And will show interest in caring for birds and exotics.

Points to Consider

1.Watch closely during the examination. When your bird is taken in  for its first examination by its new avian vet, pay close attention to what the vet does. He should first observe your bird in his cage, questioning you about behaviour and noting any odd movements or sounds.

2. Have the vet examine the droppings in the bottom of the cage should also be examined for color and firmness.

3. How did he remove the bird from the cage? It is impossible to properly examine a bird without a proper hand-on-physical examination, including taking of weight, was the bird stressed or calm very important.

After you’ve decided on an avian veterinarian, it is important to have a good working relationship and regular communication with them. When birds show signs of illness, they need medical attention fast- your vet could very well save your bird’s life one day. Make sure that your parrot stays in healthy condition by taking an active role in his medicine care or check-up.