Topic 16 – Toys

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Toys are very important in parrot’s life. They are for the use and enjoyment of your parrot and are in essential part of your parrot’s well-being.

They are there to keep your caged birds busy since they have limited space. Choosing the proper size is very important; a toy too small or too large can be danger, you have to look for safe toys.

Potential Dangers:

Toxicity – Please refer to Topic 8 – Household Toxins.

Entanglement – getting body parts stuck in toys, be careful with the proper size toy for your bird if the toy is too large your bird might get his foot or even his head caught that is very dangerous.

Ingestion- if a toy is too small your parrot can easily chew it off and swallow.


-Puzzle toys: they can keep your birds busy for hours with different task.

Wood/shreds: your bird loves to chew. Provide your parrot with toys made of wood

-Preening toys: these are great for the bird and if you notice your parrot is preening his feathers which can cause damage, these toys will be perfect for them.


Toys are very important for your parrot, make your own toys or use unused toys in the cage rather then no toys at all. Also, I use sometimes  with my parrot cardboard box with all different toys and nuts and shredded papers this keeps our feather friends very busy it is messy but it is very enjoyable to see them happy.